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Should Erlikospyx have lost Lethal Wound?

Title says it all.

I don’t mean this as intending to suggest that Erlikspyx is unbalanced in either direction (it’ll take some time for the meta to settle down before we can be sure about Spyx’s position either way), I just kind of feel like DoT as a tactic has very few late to end-game users (in 2.0, there are no more Uniques with Lethal Wound, for example; and only two Uniques have active abilities that inflict DoT [and both of those creatures’ DoT abilities force them to immediately switch out afterwards…]), which is kind of a shame because there are lots of armoured/shield-wielding tanks in the late game which DoT would be particularly effective against.

Additionally, I do think that all tactics/strategems (e.g. Cunning, Resilient, DoT, Shields etc) should have a good variety of users at all levels of gameplay to make play as varied and interesting as possible. Spyx just happens to be an existing Unique with DoT lineage (Spino G2) who lost its DoT ability in the 2.0 update.

What does everyone else think? Should Erlikospyx have Lethal Wound restored to it (with additional rebalancing, if necessary)?

  • Yes
  • No

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More generally, should there be more Unique DoT users?

  • Yes
  • No

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Ludia give me lethal wound plz​:joy::joy::joy:


If spinosaurid’s hybrid not have wounding ability that not call spinosaurid’s family that Muda Muda Muda


I know of a friend who created and was leveling Erlikospyx because she wanted to have a creature with Lethal Wound. Like most such people, she is sorely disappointed that Erlikospyx lost Lethal Wound and the Erliko G2-specific Debilitating Distraction, even if it gained Instant Distraction/Revenge Distracting Impact/Precise Pounce.

Genuinely interested to hear the POV of anyone who opposes Erlikospyx regaining Lethal Wound though.


wait, now spyx has revenge distracting impact not revenge decel impact…

Oops, my bad. Thanks for pointing it out!

As much as we need the old Spyx back, the new one is awesome at Distracting the boss in raids. I don’t want to lose that either.


I just started to attempt battles today. As far as I can tell they buffed the pooooop out of the tanks and straight crippled everything else. Oh but Magnapyritator gets to keep its Slow Immunity??? Ridiculous update, I’m quite angry with the mess Ludia made.

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I much prefer how Spyx is now

You mean lacking in any form of defense/offense against a tank? Yeah it’s much better now lol


It’s great against Mortem Rex now. The best, probably, when it comes to keeping it’s damage low.

Exactly, that ID is very useful against Mortem

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Another one

That’s was a idea before the update

So maybe 100% resident to declaration and wound and 75% to stuns


Declaration change to group defense shattering strike

Rampage change to group shattering impact

Mutual fury change to fierce rampage

Swap in change to none

No escape added

Really? I haven’t noticed tanks being overpowered, although that might be because my team is mostly composed of speedy, Cunning creatures…

interesting many votes to YES to both questions.

should have also been a i don’t know/ not sure option.
she went from a bleeder to a distractor. i’m not entirely sure if either one is better than the other.

I liked Leathal wound, but I was way more upset that it lost Debilitating Distraction. They turned it into a Distrastracter, but took away the signature distracting move. Its a little silly but that’s what I was most disappointed about. Leathal wound would also be nice, or Speed reduction immunity.


While I do like Spyx’s new Distracting abilities, I also think that it should not have lost DoT and Debilitating Distraction. Maybe it could keep Instant Distraction and lose Revenge Distracting Impact and Precise Pounce for Debilitating Distraction and Lethal Wound or something?

Also, agree with the OP, we need more DoT Uniques, and a Unique with DoT lineage who many created for its DoT ability is a good place to start

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Don’t think Spyx should have lost it at all, lethal wound is kinda what made him unique as a frail speedster; he had something on tanks, not enough to win, but enough to at least trade. I think I’m more puzzled as to why they replaced it with ID? We get it, he’s a distracter now, but ID serves no purpose at all when he can already alternate between pounce and impact. He’s essentially a glorified pyroraptor/monolo.

Right now, what’s the point in having Spinonyx as ingredient??? He shares absolutely nothing with it anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a strong dino and i am ok with the fact that he lost lethal wound, it’s just that ID makes no sense/serves no purpose at all. If they would give him something like minor rending attack instead of ID, that would still make his Spinonyx ancestry “relevant” as well as making it a decent move versus tanks/hp hoarders.