Should every epic have a hybrid?


Im am thinking with how little the epics spawn that every of them should have a hybrid to work towards. Right now we have that you just dont care about when you see the gold on screen. Plus getting those epics in your 8 and 24 hour incubators just feels like you wasted your time.


Looks at Concavenator…

Maybe not.


Looks at Secodontosaurus…

Definitely not.


Looks at Spinosaurus Gen2…

Obviously not.


OP AF right now. That’s a dino I look forward to adding soon.


It’s like it doesn’t know if it’s a Dimetrodon or a dwarf Spinosaurus. Poor thing…


Why did they make a Stygimoloch hybrid? Besides having the high stun capability, it’s fairly useless.


It’s not epic, but I still want a Carnotaurus hybrid. Maybe a carno + Pyroraptor or something useful.


It does less damage and got less HP and is slower than both Postimetrodon and Gorgosuchus and is much harder to obtain exp for it.

Plus it looks like mutated sausage dog during battle :rofl::rofl:


Yes, Paramoloch is not powerful, might be one of those weaker legendary.

But they released a super-hybrid between it and Tuojiangosaurus.
I think they might give up Paramoloch, and focus on Tuoramoloch.
Only confront it several times in battle, but it’s threatening IMO.


LOL mutated dachshund… “don’t order the schnitzel, they’re using schnauzer…”


If you are able to get those epics that do not go into hybrids to level 15 and up and they actually are able to take out legendaries and uniques, please share your stories. I personally haven’t invested the precious coins to level up something that doesn’t unlock another dinosaur. I feel disappointed when i get spinosaurus gen 2 epic DNA instead of something I really need like ankylosaurus. I’d like to be able to invest coins into getting those super hybrids. I’ve never seen someone use concavenator or spinosaurus gen 2 in the battles I’ve fought, and ive crawled my way to 4300 before the update. Another reason why I haven’t spent coins to level those non-hybrid epics is because their stats don’t measure up imho. I’d like to see something happen to equalize the trouble it takes to find those epics with rewards.


I would like to see a epic class hybrid of Ornithomimus at reasonably low level with something easy to come by like Deinocherus. Evasive strike could be such a fun to use yet both turkeys are so rare that they are under levelled, at least for me, although I have never met opponent with any of them, and level requirement for Monomimus are high end, so there is no mid rank creature with Evasive strike.


Oh geez, it would be so fast and have rampage, evasive, immunity and speed up. Would have long, gangly limbs and lots of feathers. Would also be the bane of every anti RNGer ever. “You cant stun me!” - Monomimus younger sister.


Really hard, those non-hybrid material epics are weaker than epic hybrids made up by their similar rare species.

For example, Spinosaurus Gen2 is weaker than Spinotahraptor, also Secondontosaurus is weaker than Postimetrodon.
So everyone will rather prefer those epic hybrids than these marginalized normal epics.


Yeah totally. The hybrids are by far way better. I’m doubting these people who claim that the non-hybrid epics are “OP” and thus worth the time to hunt for instead of t-rex and ankylosaurus. There was the small hope that the massive amounts of DNA I have for koolasuchas and concavenator could actually be useful, haha.



Had the Longest Claws of Any Known Animal. The humongous claws on this dino’s hands were capable of reaching well over two feet in length. Appropriately, its name literally means “ scythe lizard .”


Would be nice these guys had a hybrid, i ever caught all eoics i saw, did it whit ourano in the past and thats why i have now a 21 diloranosaurus xd


Just check the hybrids in Jurassic world the game or Jurassic world evolution I’m think all the Dino’s apart from gen2 eventually will get their hybrid ported over eventually


Just to have new goals and for the sake of the game I think every single dino should have a hybrid