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Should Fliers Get a Passive Dodge Move or a Strike First?


Considering that a land based dino would be lucky to grab one mid flight, seems plausible… With the low HP that fliers get, maybe a 25% passive Dodge move against land dinos would be nice… or perhaps a strike first attribute?

Otherwise, the majority of the fliers only last a turn, maybe 2… how could a stego actually tail whip a flier, cause damage and slow it down if not kill it on that one hit… or how could a velo jump high enough to hit one?fliers should have some sort of defense attribute unless it is against another flier… then they would negate…


Simple answer. Because flying creatures have landed to battle.


lol…obviously all flying creatures land to attack… I should have known that prior to asking… even eagles land to grab those damn rabbits…

Sorry to have made such a ridiculous question… doh!


Anyone above a certain speed should have a built in dodge % into their mechanics. How many times haven’t we seen them Velociraptors in the movies dodge the big bad dinos, soley because of how fast they are.


There’s already a substantial amount of dissension regarding the RNG however I’ve always said that there should be a passive Dodge for every creature even if it’s only 5% for some. Any animal in a life-and-death situation would have at least some chance of avoiding an attack


I like this suggestion, cause you see in the animation the bird is landing so why not landing in the opponent’s head and give one hit before to hit the ground? :+1:

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