Should fusing be fixed as guaranteed and not RNG?

I find it insane to fuse Irex 18x and have 14 of them as 10.
Totally not in our control and a bet of luck for all our effort getting the DNA is ridiculous.


No. But if it was drawn to a tighter window people would feel better maybe. You could lower the percentages for getting the big hits and eliminate 10s altogether. Of course then we would be bombarded with “I only get 20s” posts

What’s the fun to bet on luck when the DNA is not easily taken.
Nobody knows what’s the mechanic behind this fusing, even RNG also depends on how is set.

A nice idea would be to have a kind of upgradeable laboratory.With every upgrade ,the percentage per fusion will drop the 10s and rise the rest

example: LVL 1 laboratory 60% -->10 30%–>20 5%–>30 etc etc
LVL 7 laboratory 40%–>10 35%–>20 15%–>30 etc etc


Trex is not irritator on the map now, every 50 Trex used to get 10 i-rex, and we need 50 i-rex for indoraptor.
We can afford common dino with many 10s, but not epic ones.
Give us community day like POGO, otherwise this mechanic doesn’t seems right, is taking our effort as a bet of what is unknown behind.


Actually we do know the overall percentages. They average to around 22 per fuse.

Here you go

I had a thought about fusing. Like all things you get better at it the more you do so in order to reflect that improvement, the game uses your player level as a modifier.

E.g. At lv 1 - 5 the minimum fuse is 10. At lv 6 - 10 the minimum is 20. At lv 11 - 15 the minimum is 30 and at lv 16 - 20 the minimum is 40.

I like the labratory idea but perhaps it could be something added to Alliances so benefit the members. Everyone has to put something in to get the benefit and level it up.