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Should Grypolyth be a little faster?

I love the idea of No Escape. It’s a great tactic to use, especially on those pesky swappers. But it’s ridiculously slow. I know someone will shout “boosts”, but that doesn’t help her during skill tournaments.

Could she just have a few more points added on? Just enough to overtake dinos like Ardentis (who can slow her down anyway), but not enough to overtake chompers. Being so slow is a huge problem when you’re a counter attacker - rending counter attackers are supposed to take down high HP dinos, but it’s far more difficult when everything is faster. I barely ever manage to get her shield up in time.


no. counter attackers are best slower than rivals.

specially when you can force a stun lock and then Regen and run

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You can’t regen and run with Grypolyth though? Stun lock would be better if we could actually stun most of the dinos in the upper arenas, but nearly everything is immune to it these days.

They need to remove immobilize, that move has become useless, due to noescape.
Shure you can stal but with the meta right now being mostly is immune to stuns it doesn’t add anything. Ludia should replace it with ferocious strike, would make sense because purrolyth and gryposuchus have it both.


No! Grypolyth’s moveset is fine.

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Well, the meta could change with the update. If Ludia is listening to the player base, creatures like Gemini and Indoraptor G2 could get nerfed or reworked.

Actually, that’s a really important move as this allows grypo to stall for another regen

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I think ferocious strike would be great instead of immobilize. And yeah it’s kinda redundant bc of no escape

Yes hopefully, they are promising a lot with this new update, let’s see if they keep their word

Yes, but in the current meta, basically everything relevant creature is immune to stuns, only exception is tryko and mammolania, but those 2 wreck grypo nomatter what

It doesn’t need more speed. And immobilize is okay to have. I think it should get onescape ferocious. But it could get a slight stat buff and still be balanced.


Yeah, you are right, cant escape with regen. But what I mean is after Regen you have another chance. I see it a good one. At least, against my team is a very disturbing dino.

At equal levels, yes, but when boosts come in, then it’s a different story and it takes a while for them to wear grypo down, which is where immobilize comes in. It’s fine.

Also phorasaura, dioraja, another grypolyth, quetzorion, as well as a couple other creatures that are not really staples, like monostego or mammotherium.
And with mammotherium and mammolania, Immobilize gets rid of PFS, so it goes from being set up to just having rampage up. It also allows grypo to pin something before it goes down, like against entelomoth. It’s on low hp and you’re up by 2-1, and you use immobilize. Moth isn’t stunned, but it’s pinned, and grypo goes down and it’s 2-2. Now you’re phorasaura instant rampages it and you win


The Advantage of Being Slow Creature is, When you get Decelerates you dont have too worry