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Should Hadros lux have the ability to decelerate?

In my opinion I think it should. so I would replace hadros lux rampage with superiority impact, cleansing decelerating impact, or decelerating impact I think giving lux one of these moves in replace of rampage would be a viable option.


No. Hadros lux should just be banned. Shouldn’t exist at all. Hateful creature.


why do you hate it?

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If a creature is too strong then deleting it from the game is definitely not an option. Decreasing the damage or decreasing the amount of healing to x1.5 and returning the slowdown would make Hadros more viable.


I completley agree.


it can be beaten by thylacotator…

Oh I can beat it. Much like when DC was the troll king. I just built a team to counter it. Not a problem. It’s just boring.

  1. Start with Lux. Rampage.
  2. Survive because you have 7000 health. Heal.
  3. Swap to Magnus.

Yawn. We are playing a fantastic game with so many different cards available. But we all opened a booster pack and got the same 8 cards. It’s not a meta, it’s a recipe. And Lux is boring.


He is already strong enough and the resilients nerf made him even stronger since he can one shot you if you don’t have a vulnerability resistance creature so he doesn’t need decelerating abilities

I would replace Hadros’ Rampage with Group Decelerating Impact/Rampage and change Greater Emergency Heal to Emergency Group Heal

(that way there are no Back to Back Rampages on lux and it becomes a bit more viable in raids!)

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I like this idea

no because normal para, which it is based off thematically, does not, nor is it the main function of this class. its kit is even rn totally not representative of its class

Actually no, it can’t, unless Thyla has a big advantage in levels and RNG or something

Either this or the one playing Lux really does not know what he does

No. And Ceramagnus needs a bigger cool down time between her accelerating move to be honest.

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Hadros need decelerating ability. Best would be changing its counter to Medium Decelerating counter. That way can’t oneshot creatures turn 1 and can decelerate. Now Hadros is oneshot wonder, already took it out of team for Spinocon.


Exactly it’s now more of a one shot wonder and set up the next opponent for a swap in. So overall, it’s not as useful as it was before 2.9.

Hadros should have a cleansing counter-attack or a healing counter and it’s attack should be slightly reduced. That’s it. It’s a hadrosaur.
No base-build hadrosaur has resilient. Only the hybrids do. Hadros-Lux having Resilient attacks is kinda silly nonetheless 3 of them.

Tested it out on jwa toolbox and Hadros does EXACTLY enough damage to defeat Thyla (both lvl 26).

A bit frustrating.

In practice, thylacotator almost never beats it anyway because it gets swapped in by a ceramagnus or most likely a monolorhino or a scorpius rex gen 3 or even a gorgotrebax or erlikospyx for the braves.

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I’m talking about in an even 1v1, both the same level, no swap ins