Should I add Antarctovenator and Indotaurus to my teams?

Recently I’ve been working on Indotaurus on my main account, but I’ve been wondering if I should add Antarctovenator to one of my teams. I would prefer to put Indot on my main account and Antar on my secondary account, however this would require many weeks of work and I don’t know if it would be a good idea.

  • Add Antar in Main Account
  • Add Indot in Main Account
  • Add Antar in Second Account
  • Add Indot in Second Account
  • Add both in Main Account
  • Add both in Second Account
  • Don’t change anything

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Note: Creatures with red markers would be the ones I could remove from my team because they don’t play a very good role. Thyla is still very good as I’m in aviary and I hardly come across with “Swap in Stunning Strike” but I feel like Indot could play the same role (taking down creatures with lots of life). Marsupial has the same role as taking down tanks, however Scorpy already does that job very well.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

I think you are a bit far off from indot in ur main course ur carno dna is quite low. Probably try for indotaurus on 2nd cos its closer, and antarcto on 1st. Ideally u wanna get both on ur main but its a bit far from now, in my estimation

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