Should I add Thyla to my team?

This is my Thyla as of now

This is how much DNA I have for it’s ingredients

This is my team

It’s a matter of choice and team compatibility. But I’d say yes. Thyla can be at your side through the whole journey to the top… I speak from experience. I use it in my team, all members at level 29-30 fully boosted,

I was leaning towards dropping Indoraptor G2 what do you recommend? Quetzorion is my only boosted dinosaur

Yes and also you need more resilient creature

Dont drop quetz, drop indo gen 2 for a resilient, you are lucky you sort of focused on some resilient earlier on so you have choices

Then choose 1 more creature to swap for resiliant

I could never imagine getting rid of Quetzorion I have 21/22 boosts on her

Personally I would say yes, but as time goes by you will realize that creatures like scorp g3 and costricor will be more versatile.