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Should I apply for community ambassador?

I’m debating doing it, I’m just wondering if anyone else would like it, considering there is no vote option from the community I figured I might ask before going for it. I’ll check back later on to see what is said, thanks everyone. And if you’re debating doing it, make sure to leave in comments below and see if others want you to do it. :smiley:




What are your qualifications?

First off it would be good to know what a community ambassador actually is, or more to the point what a community ambassador does…

I’m guessing that the successful applicant has to be something of a Ludia apologist as any warnings or infractions rule potential applicants out.

So once we know what the role actually entails, we can see if it’s something worthwhile.


Lol maybe I am qualified :joy:

For the record though, I’m not a Ludia apologist, I just try to understand both sides of a controversy, be that Ludia or a player

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Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to work out. Is it just a flashy badge? Is there any difference between them and a regular member aside from the aforementioned badge?

I know some forums have these types of members act as a sort of ‘greeter’ to new members, so to speak. But I don’t see anything about it on there.

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Go ahead if you want to is what I say. It helps to know what it means and what you do when your an ambassador, but as far as I can tell no one knows, and u just get the word next to ur name. I’d go for it because why not, don’t really see a reason why not to at the moment since I have absolutely no clue what you do when you get the spot, but I am restricted by a certain requirement involving warnings, which I have because of when I was new to the forums and had no clue how some things worked lol

definly you should do it

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Go for it!

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I just got done watching your video on your channel about this awhile ago.

Hahaha no.