Should I assume this player is a cheater?

So I was wondering why this guy wanted a friendly battle so bad…


how? How is it even possible to have a spino constrictor (even at base level) 1 day after snake was released?


Let’s see Ludia explain this


I’d also like to know the answer to that question, @Qiew - I’ve forward this to our team so that they can investigate. Thanks for reporting this, @Juraysic, don’t hesitate to send me or @Ned a DM if you have any additional information regarding this player. We’d really appreciate it!


Maybe the person fought a bot?

I first assume it’s a bot. If:

It has to be a bot, it has to

OP says it was a friendly battle.


Wait, friendly? O.o then player most likely has to break into server to have that much DNA.

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There’s no legit way. It is a friendly both lvl 26 no boosts.


Then the person would be on their friends, then that would mean either they had a lot of luck with titanoboa this week, or they simply exploited

Expose them!


Did you see its side “step” animation? What was it like?

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I’d say this has to be an exploit. I doubt there’s enough Titanoboa spawning in just 1 day for that to happen.


Maybe they bought tons of epic scents and hunts. Maybe the unlimited attempts can also be done on wild creatures. But that’s crazy. No need to assume though just let the team investigate it.

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Yeah, but usually the team doesn’t show us the information on how they got it

I DM’d John.
There’s some tiny chance of gigantic luck + ton of epic scents. So let’s not jump to conclusions yet.

And yes, it was a friendly battle.

PS: the side-step animation looked awesome, kind of Matrixy


still, the amount of dna needed is so stinking high to get even a base level one. highly doubt there was a lot of FIPing going on. (3 hrs a pop on 1 or 2)
but there is still a chance at stupid luck.


I have done 3 epic scents 0 snakes from it.
Also hunted 5 hours during busrides from school to home and only saw 4 so far.
So seeing around 30+ Snakes(considering a lot of high fuses) and that is on the low side just seems impossible


I haven’t seen any of them out, though I’ve only used 1 epic scent and several normal ones, and roamed a large part of the city. Hope at least 1 will pop up.

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