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Should I be doing this to my unhatched dinos?

I have observed that a good proportion of my time,the hatchery is ,as you know, clogged. I very frequently end up trading many dinos which I do not have hatched,if my hatchery is clogged. This happens far too frequently,I would avoid this,but then it might really block me from many good trades. I would have a maxed Tuajiangosaurus which is not unlocked for me,a maxed Suchomimus would be far easier than it was when I did get it. This happens far too often,how do I avoid this? Should I not trade them,but have my market and trades clogged instead of my hatchery?

I do a few things to keep my market clear.

First, in the morning I complete all dino dropping events except for the last battle. I only finish the last battle when I have a slot in the hatchery for it. (Rare/common in the first spot only and short running super rares. The long running super rares maybe be in the first slot, but sometimes will go elsewhere.)

If I don’t have any slots open at the end of the day, I’ll buy out the dino that is cheapest per hour (typically the most expensive one). I won’t buy out dinos that end in the morning when I battle, as it is an easy swap.

Tuesday mornings, I try to clear everything out of the hatchery as well as that day’s worth of event dinos that are Legendary and above.

I’ll also use the schedule to plan out when I’ll need more slots for the next day and buy for DNA dinos that’ll work with what I’ll need the next day.

Lastly, as I have extra slots, I’ll coins-> dino trade to fill them.

Recently, I’ve been doing coins->ceno and getting 80% Smilodon. I’ve hatched 9 or so of them now. The rest I’ve traded for DNA or DB, whichever comes first. (I’ve yet to get an LP offer on one.) I get 2K-4K DNA for them or 500DB. I prefer DNA as the AP fossil does similar for DB, but like I said, I take the first offer for DNA/DB (or LP if that ever happens).

Lastly, I only grind PvP modded if I have an open spot in the hatchery. (I use to grind PvP, but my extra spin is often broken, making it not worth it.)

It all comes down to a little planning. If you keep your market clear, you should even out on DB in vs out on speed ups.

If you keep your mods clear, you should be increased in DB if you aren’t speeding them in other ways (like dino cool downs).

I’m not DB rich, but I need the dinos at this point.

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Okay,right now,I have 3 slots of my hatchery clogged with Tournament Dinosaurs,and the first with a rex Gen 2,I know I should not,but then chanya will not wait instants to snatch it from me.

Just don’t get tempted by Chanya.

So, others disagree with me on this, but if you do the math, the 7 day dinos are 10DB/hour to speed up.

It is a cost curve. The last 12 hours or so (you have to look at the graph posted here) is the most expensive. After that it drops to maybe 9DB per hour averaging out to 10DB per hour overal. So, you want to avoid paying out the last several hours as they are the most expensive.

This really makes the 7 day dinos the cheapest.

If you plan to hatch your non-7 day dinos, you should be buying out the 7 day ones. I only get them when I have the DB to speed them up. Which, is why if you look at my line up, there is a void of 7 day dinos and lots of hybirds. And, of the 7 day dinos I have, many works at L20 or with are tournament hybrids at L10 or even L1.

I made this mistake once, plug my hatchery up with 3x 7 day dinos. Never again if I don’t have the DB to exit it.

You have 3 choices

  1. Wait it out and catch up next week.
  2. Buy them out on speed ups
  3. Trade away you other dinos until your market clears

Or 4) Take the week off until they are done.


I would almost never trade a creature that I still need, especially one that is still locked. That’s working against your long game. Trust me that the trade harbor will still give you good trades even if you have a very full market.


It isn’t that you won’t get other good trades, it is the good trades you are passing on due to having dinos in your market that you don’t want to trade.

I prioritize locked dinos and hatch them first to avoid this problem.

At this point, most dinos that I trade are from coins->dino trades. Everything else is predictable enough to be planned out to some degree.

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I get that, but that doesn’t seem to be what @anon43877113 is doing. Or possibly he just has too much locked and needs too many creatures.

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Most people have different priorities and play a little different, I quit getting rid of any creatures a while ago, at least until i have no space for them in the paddocks.

Sure when you are trying to hatch a few tournament dino’s things will get backed up a bit but just be patient. Eventually you will hit a decent point where you can bunker down and just focus on hatching all the dino’s that have been building up, even if that means using a few bucks here and there to get it done in a timely manor.

My inventory too has been getting fairly full the last 2 weeks as i’m hatching several tournament dino’s but i won’t trade anything out of my inventory, they will get hatched eventually.

At this point in my game, i have all dino’s from common through legendary unlocked and at least 1 at level 40 for each and all of their hybrids unlocked (except tournament hybrids) so i don’t “need” any of them but I still like adding more to the paddocks. With legendaries being the most common prizes I now have 2 lvl 40’s of several of them and working on 3rds and that’s after making the hybrids.

I don’t have crazy coin production but even so the trades i get day to day are enough to keep all of my resources from getting crazy high. It’s a fairly balanced cycle for me, trade things for food and DNA, trade food for LP’s & DNA, trade DNA for LPs & bucks, Coins typically get kept in check from random trades and just buying numerous decorations several times a day. Coins for DNA, coins for LPs, coins for bucks things like that. I rarely get maxed on coins because i commonly get good trade offers on coins for LPs and DNA way before i get maxed out.

So for me i have no concerns about dino trades clogging up my trade harbor, i barely have enough resources to keep up with the trades as is.

Plus being non VIP is way different than being VIP so your priorities and what is available change a good bit.


What do you spend your DB on that you don’t speed them up as they come in?

I guess that is kind of where I’m at… what do I spend DB on if not hatchery speed ups?

I have enough Dino’s I’ll never need to buy back cooldowns.

I was thinking about evolution speed ups, but with the discounted chambers I’m starting to run out of things I want to evolve. I haven’t had that problem in a long time. I’m getting close to 2 hour or less only left, which is first chamber only.

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occasional hatchery speed ups and evolve speed ups, trade harbor refreshes mainly. I am not on the game a lot during the day so again how i play is probably a fair bit different than other players who routinely jump on quite frequently to check things.

And since I am no vip, LP’s are pretty much top priority for me.