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Should I Bite on Coin Sale?

I have 4650 HC and wondering if I should bite? Just afraid they will get me on the sale and then devalue them tomorrow in the update like they did with boosts :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

coin sales are usually pretty safe. tho, they do sometimes go on sale for 50% more. And in all honesty, unless you really feel you need the coin now, it’s better to wait and gather it from in game drops and events. You will eventually get to a point where you’re only leveling up dinos very rarely due to dna requirements and you will have more coin than you know what to do with.


Thanks @Qiew. Have not seen them go on sale much since boosts became a thing. Nothing I really Need to evolve, but since I am not buying boosts I thought it might be worth it. I can play the waiting game though :smiley:

Depends. How many dinos do you need to level up now or soon?
I made the mistake of buying coins just before I hit the ~lvl24 wall where leveling up goes extremely slow. got 2M coins now.

Also try not to over level one dinosaur beyond your teams average, I may this mistake and it made the matchmaking worse…didnt even think it was possible but it happened lol.

Even if a dinosaur is ready for level up, dont have it like 4 levels higher, better to have an even spread of levels, that way you dont have like a level 27 on a team of 23’s. Because you wont always have that 27 anyway.

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Coins are never worth the investment: the game provides enough opportunities to earn all the coins you need. For various reasons:

a) you don’t need to level up all your dinos immediately: there are priorities. First, what you have in your team. Then, what you might be wanting on your team. Finally, all the rest. But since the game is in constant change (since every update changes not only the balance, but the creatures themselves), rushing into evolving everything might not be the best call here
b) there’s plenty of ways to earn coins in the game. Of course this is capped a bit on your level, but consider that as a level 20 player in a strong alliance, I managed to constantly earn around 70K coins per day last week (of course boosted by the many treasure chests, but still, I collected around half a million coins just by playing the game)

I’ve been above the 2-million coin line for 7 months straight now just by playing the game: sometimes I go as high as 2.4 millions, some others back down to 2 millions (see this week, where I paid to level up Erlidom to level 29, the Rat to level 28, Erlyko to level 27, and Diloracheirus to level 28, and yet I’m still above 2 millions), but I’m always “safe”

So, coin offers are just a mental trap for me, triggered by the fact that dinos are becoming more expensive as they level up. But they are also slower, and not all of them are needed.

This said, if you don’t do boosts, best use for the money for me would be getting rare scents: they offer some fun.

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