Should I boost Gemini's speed at all?

Hey guys, I’m gonna be unlocking geminititan in a week or 2, and I’m not sure how top tier players boost him, because som reason now we can check other people’s dinos, but I’d just like to get some opinions on whether I should boost his speed at all. Thoughts?

My gemini is boosted 16/14/0


Ideally no, only in damage and health. But i boost her for magnus Raid. Once my gem has 1700+ damage i will deboost her speed


Thank you

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Ok thx

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It depends on how you want to use Gem. I use Gem for raids and for pvp arena. My gem is speed 122.

For raids, it’s right below speed of Tryo (at 126) which helps with RTC and more power. Our alliance members also have Mortem higher than 122 speed to help with shield breaking roar and then Gem group rampage.

For arena, most players have Max or Gem between 116-122…rarely outsped by either…

My boost allocation below…

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I use Gemini both in PvP and raids. This means you’re limited in speed boosts. Mine has 5 boosts (120) speed. Meaning it won’t outspeed any healer or RTC creature in raids. But will do fairly well in PvP


right now mine is boosted: 15 hp, 0 attack, 0 speed. i might do 2 speed and 8 attack

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you cant really do gem for new trebax, cuz it needs to be slower than mortem, it can be done just much harder

As I’m mentioned, most of our alliance members have Mortem faster than speed 122. Depends on what alliance or raid team members have with Mortem. You generally want order of Tryo -> Mortem -> Gem/Max to optimize first rounds.

ah ok. makes sense

a few points for raid strats aren’t bad. tailor the speed needed to what you need for the group you’re in. you don’t necessarily need a speedy Gem. the one we use for magnus has no speed boosts and we use an inostherium for taht extra 10% speed boost to be faster than the opponent.

Ok thx. I’m mainly concerned about how it will do in pvp, since I dont do many raids, and never and Apex raids. Also I generally don’t have many boosts to go around, so I am sparing

I would. Considering many top tiers like max, lania, and mortem are immune to decel, being faster is crucial