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Should I build lots of buildings for future missions?

I notice that there are many missions about building buildings and that these buildings take a few days to build. Would it make sense to prebuild, say 3-5 of each building and leave them in a corner of the island so that when the time comes, I can just buy them, then take the ones already built and place them? Would this work to make the mission consider it passed?

It’s up to you if you like to pre-build some buildings. Try to go through some of the mission guides available already on the forums to know the exact requirements.

If your goal is to complete the missions, then yes, go ahead and pre-build. As long as you put it in your market and place it when it asks to place X amount of Y, it will consider that you satisfied that objective.

Also, it should be noted that when you build a considerable amount of buildings, the game starts to slow/freeze for some reason. Not sure if they fixed this, but when I was building about 100 Horizon Observatories, it was near impossible to scroll through my dino lineup to complete events. It was time consuming waiting…

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Also if buildings in your market come up in trade harbor, if you trade them, you will have to rebuild them.

There are missions that require to place certain (new) buildings, no matter if you already have them in your park.


If you put a building you already own into your repository and then place it in your park, that will satisfy the mission. This works for the “move x buildings/decorations” missions too.

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The moving ones don’t actually have to be moved. Put them into the move mode and then just click the green check mark to place them back in their same place

Yes, but if you have to move, say, 4 Observatories but you only have one, you can put it into and take it out of the repository 4 times and that works.


I’m playing for almost four years and never had this idea. There’s always something new to learn. That’s what makes this forum so valuable. :grinning:


It’s up to you if you want to build buildings you can build buildings

I have been doing this since ages,if you do not want to build the specific one,then just do it for a revenue tower,it works with revenue towers all the time.

Buildings aren’t very good coin producers.

If you have the extra coins, look forward for the next 10 missions or so and build out the buildings. A few of us are posting out all of the missions in the forums. You shouldn’t need more than 6 of any building for awhile. (The only one that was more was the security tower and those build instantly.)

There were a few big build missions. Like 20 power generators, 10 heliports and communication towers.

Observatory‘s are decent earners if you don’t drop in all the time to collect them. 40,000 coins every 18 hours is not bad. I use them on the 2nd island and collect them twice a day by moving the beacon.