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Should I buy 50 dinosaurs?

I am at lvl 40, so resources are tight. I have the mission requiring 100 dinosaurs. I have 50. Should I buck up and buy 50 trash dinos? Or should I wait, probably weeks?


For sure, common dino are cheap and after the mission you sell it for half the cost.

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What do you get when you finish it? XP? Bucks? Coins? Food? DNA? Loyalty points?

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Or, While your doing your common marathon, You can buy creatures you want to evolve to level 40.

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Yeah, that is also a solution!

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One thing of what I want cost about as much as 50 trash ones. So it really is not an option. Since that’s all I have.

I get mission progression from this. This mission gives 190 DNA + XP. Yeah.

Do the tournament at the weekend and see how much extra DNA that gives, also PVP may give you both DNA and dinos, and don’t forget that if you tap on the DNA at the top you can watch a video for 50 DNA. All those will help get more DNA for what you do want.

I would take a two pronged approach. Hatch everything the game gives you. Keep all four of those hatcheries running full time. When you need to, buy more creatures, especially Commons and Common hybrids. Provided you can check into the game frequently, Commons generate lots of coins. Reinvest those coins back into the best decorations you can buy, ultimately either John Hammond statues or Clock Towers. Once you get the trade harbor opened, you want to generate enough coins that you can trade them for other, better resources.

While you may need to temporarily close down the Creation Lab, it shouldn’t take too long to burn through 50 dinosaurs.

While I, and others, enjoy the Story Missions, they are ultimately a sidebar to my progression in this game. Ones that can be knocked out quickly and/or easily get knocked out. Others, (have a level 31 Indominus rex or have a level 40 Indominus rex/level 10 Indoraptor or complete a Gyrosphere) can wait, in fact the Indoraptor Mission took a full year for me to complete.


190 DNA kinda isn’t worth hatching 50 creatures, But I guess You have to do it. Also 190 is like one triceratops

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Story missions also let you level up. Which is the main reward.

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You could hatch and sell the to get 50% back, but later missions will require you to have xxx # of level 40 dinos. So all that hatching will be needed.

Find a guide to help you plan ahead. A bit of advice, don’t max all those dinos out. Some missions require you to feed 25 dinos. So having a bunch of less than max will be useful.

You do want to advance as fast as you can to open up trade harbor. I am not sure, I think that’s level 40 or 50. It’s your most important job after maximizing coin production.

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I recommend that you buy all the municipalities you need to make a dino at level 40 and leave them at level 1!
This way you will have many dinos and when you finish the mission and you have to create dino at 40 you will have many possibilities!

I would recommend buying the commons

At low lvl story missions aren’t exactly optional because buying decorations to lvl up doesn’t work as well as it does with apatosaurus fossils and John hammonds which come after lvl 49

So calculate how many slots you have in the common paddocks, try to hatch out the ones that have 30 minutes incubation if you need those, then if you want to save the dna, wait for Jurassic market discount and max up majung and triceratops paddocks as they are instantly hatched and then as many alanqas, trop, limo etc as per needed as they take less than 5 minutes before you can speed up for free, doing this during discount may save you a couple hundred dna

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Can you show us your lineups?

Yes, why.

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Great, can you show me from your municipalities at 40 onwards?

The whats now?

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Can I see all the municipalities you have?