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Should I camp?


In the battle arena, I usually bounce between 4500-4700 but I managed to be at 4800.
Currently I’m afraid that doing further battle could lead to unreachable goal in the end (my target is 4750 and we have only four days left).
I just want to collect incubator without losing trophy but that isn’t an option as of now.
Should I just camp here or continue collecting incubator?


If I were u I‘d camp. Cuz I‘m a player with really bad luck, I would fall deeply if I‘d try to continue battling. So I‘d stay there to wait for the tournament rewards.

Especially in this week, cuz we got so many strike towers now.


The new ‘highest score’ addition (if they add it) will be a great asset to the tournaments. No need to camp, just battle endlessly and not worry.


Oh did I miss it?


I don’t think the high score feature is released yet because Ludia has just asked us in the poll which one we want they to implement first. If so, it would be a part of 1.6, I’m pretty sure.

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Mmhmm, which is why i said ‘if they add it’. I hope they do. It would be an excellent addition.


If they havent started working on it as of like a few weeks ago I doubt it will be ready for 1.6… considering it takes about 5 days to get rewards sent out Im guessing they send them out manually after doing the leaderboard freeze so they would need to set up a new system.


The problem is that it doesn’t apply to the current season. It is not clear yet if it will be implemented for the next. There’s no official confirmation about this.

As it stand, old rules apply. I’d camp.


No, you didn’t… They are planning on implementing it, probably with patch 1.6, but it hasn’t taken effect yet…


I reached 5k a couple of days ago and have been chilling out ever since… I would advise you to do the same…

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If that is your high and based on the crazy fluctuations of teams I would definately start collecting fire wood :slightly_smiling_face: I also reached a new high last night and am wondering the same. First time in the top 500 and know it will be short lived.


Definitely camp. The score you have with that team is great but yoh may not get it again. Theres only 3 days left. What i would do is battle again and if you win you can battle 2 maybe 3 mores times because if you lost those you still be ahead of 4750.

You have abit of margin :wink:

Yeah i was top 500 and went to.4900 and now back at 5050. The top trophie scores keep climbing lol. RNG for the win ;D

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What I have clear is that I prefer a monomimus of 21 or a Touramoloch of 21 to a Tryo of 22. The monomimus can help you with luck Tryo will rarely help you. Mine is 25 and I’m about to change it for my old stegoceratops of 23. It seems strange to change a legendary 25 for an epic of 23 but it is that the Tryo is useful only if there is such a number of circumstances that really almost it never happens


You will probably drop but really unless you are going to fall under 4500 it’s not a big deal.
I’ve camped before it’s not fun. Avoid it if you can


Agree - my Tyro is L23 ready to go to L24 but I benched it for a L22 Thor


Is there really a point you are talking about 25k coins and 180 cash difference. You get 180 cash in 2-3 days if you spin boxes and do your daily missions. 25K cash is pittance in this game. By running 4 days worth of incubators you will get half of that coinage anyway plus the DNA you get from them.

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I think it’s interesting to think about at what point the guaranteed prize becomes more valuable than the lost DNA from battle incubators/daily missions. So, ~32500 coins prize assuming that’s how you spend the cash, if you say you get 5000 coins/day from the incubators on average, that’s a possible loss of 12500 coins for 4 days of DNA. Worth it? I don’t know…but how about 17500 coins for 3 days of DNA? 22500 coins for 2 days of DNA?

There is also the factor of whether you find arena battles enjoyable or not and what you think your odds are of getting back to 4750 (or possibly going under 4500) to consider. I was in a bit of a similar boat as the OP at 4767 trophies this morning and decided to keep playing…now at 4629 lol.

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Thank guys, I think I will keep playing because there is no difference in the golden chicken rewards. The increases coin and cash could be made up for a couple of days. I agree that the lost dna from the incubator is more valuable.

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The problem is I constantly face high level tank and they can take out my Monomimus too easily. Also, his level is too low to act before any bleeding croc or the green chicken. I’m afraid that he is too fragile to live in such trophy range.

For Tuoramoloch, his damage is too low to harm any guy. Even the same level Spinotahsuchus has 1 hp left after 2 moves. I’m so disappointed creating him. LoL.


Should I camp?

yes, and you should make s’mores.