Should I change my team? Any recommendations can help

I don’t know if my team should change.
On one hand I’m not losing often actually I’m doing good. On the other hand Stegodues, and Tyrronolophosaur. These Dinos feel like they just waste space and I don’t use them so what do you think

Should I:

  • A. Level up highly rated dinos
  • B.switch to dinos that are about the same level
  • C.keep same team

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I really am going to hate myself for saying this but…
Get indoraptor gen 2 up there to replace tyrannoloph.

How do you feel the speed is with your team? I have Phorusaurus on my team at only level 18, even though my highest team member is level 27. She’s really useful, even at lower levels thanks to that Instant Rampage.

I would level up and work on continuing to level Ardontosaurus. Get it to level 20 so you can work toward Ardentismaxima.


For the meantime, try and level up monostegotops, it’s more useful than stego…

Planning on switching stegod and tyrannolophosaur for ardonto and monosteg. Could use some tanks

You need less chompers, more speed, and better tanking. You’ve got 6 Chomper/Bruiser types. Work towards getting IG2 up as well as Ardonto. Replace Allosinosaurus and Tyrannolophosaur for those two. From there work towards more top tier Uniques such as Max, Orion, Magna, Nemys. Also, stop wasting Anky on Rajakylo. Tryko is FAR better than Dio. In summary, think long term.

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Drop tyrannolophosaurus is pretty useless and put indo2. Even in that low level can stand his ground. Maybe ardonto for stegod and another weird choice utasino for thor.

Utahsino is a killer, get him leveled up.

Maybe Utah for allo?

The only positive about thor is the 40% crit other than that allosino has more damage plus armor. I said utasino for thor bc i use him on my team and i can say even at lvl20 and slightly boosted can take out thors at lvl25 and boosted.

Utah’s currently level 17 but I think about it.

I would suggest to put these 3 hybrids(utasino, allosino, thor) on your team and test them with some friendly battles so you can see yourself what is working with your play style.

Team right now

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So it’s been a week and here’s what I have so far. 4501 trophies

What do you think.