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Should I change my team around?



well I would put tragod in and take out pyrritator.
And maybe yu should focus on only one mono hybrid and if tryo is higher level find place for her

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Okay thank you. I’ll put tragod in and replace a mono hybrid with tryo

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you are welcome :slight_smile:

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I think your team is actually pretty much there. How many trophies are you at currently?


I’m at 3700 trophies


The only thing I would do is to perhaps replace pyrritator with tryo or tragod and that’s it hey


Okay I’ve switched pyrittator out for tryo


Nothing wrong with having both monostego and monomimus, even after the health nerf. His moveset and speed are still top notch, and immunity most of all. Stay at 19 for now and use the coins on leveling up monostego for a while.


Yeah that was what I was planning. It would seem a waste to get rid of either one