Should I change my team

pls I give me some suggestions
I am gonna replace erlidom with Albertospinos
I am gonna replace Andrew with paratops
I am gonna replace anylomoloch with Skoonasaurus
and Thor with Indotaurus
any thing else I should do or work towards

I think that’s good
For now use dodocevia instead of andrewtops


Andrewtops is better

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Don’t use dodocevia as it sacrifices it’s own kind. At that point it’ll be dead from a counter attacker

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Your team and replacement plans are perfectly good so I think you are on the right foot

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the dodo hybrid is sooooo bad u can’t even Imagine


Yeah it’s not great but it’s still better than the useless andrewtops

Andrewtops is acctually pretty good

It has a good moveset and good resistances but absolutely terrible HP

It’s hp should be higher but it can still reduce damage and it has a little bit of armor which helps. It’s a revenge killer and it’s amazing at that. I runned it for a few weeks in aviary and i was good.

It looks good