Should i continue to lv stegod? With possible ss nerf?

What dinos to continue leveling and what dinos to hold back on??

Stegod will be fine. Keep leveling. :slight_smile: The SS “nerf” is hardly a nerf. It’ll just make Stegod not the best against bleeders.

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We neee more apato i never see him anymore

Apato is now a dawn/dusk spawner.

Just leveled mine, 80,000 gold.

Yeah, agree with @mnbrian. Its stops being good against everything, but is still very good vs distracts -

Raptor family
Dilo family

Vs stuff without bleeds

And still does well against other tanks.

It will change interaction with slows, but in a way that makes slows more powerful (which is good).

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I agree. I am leveling mine (if I have 100K coins) and will still keep on leveling it (if I have more coins).

Should i continue to lv stegod?

its somewhat difficult to say, if you dont tell us what level it is now, jonathan.

is it currently at 30? if so, then i say stop.


I have a question. Even though mine is level 30 you can continue fusing it. What’s up with that?

In situations where the dino would need to fuse to make DNA for the hybrid it would be a necessary function. That is probably why it is the way it is.

Would be great to be able to donate to clan mates :slight_smile: