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Should I create GORGOSUCHUS

I don’t know what to do! I have my beautiful Gorgosaurus and my Kaprosuchus at lvl.40
So I can create Gorgosuchus !
He’s an Amphibian with a more health but less damage than Gorgosaurus
But should I waste your second favourit dinosaurier who is my 2nd best creature … and killed all my food, bucks and DNA?

I follow the rule of 2. I hybridize once I have a second set. It’s helped me with balance issues as well


But I would prefere to spend my DNA on Ceratosaurus lvl.40 to create my favourite hybrid after Indominus the Cerazinosaurus :slight_smile:

How close are you to another Diplosuchus? I have 4 lvl 20 Gorgosuchuses and one lvl 30 as they are a vital amphibian in my line up, I am keeping my Diplosuchuses at lvl 30 or lower for balancing issues within the Rare category. Which leads to another question of how would you fair on amphibians if an event is limited to Legendary only?


I generally follow the rule of 2 as well… but I know when I get to these hybrids that require level 40 tournament ones, that’s going out the window. Not with DBs getting so much harder to save up, and how long those take to create!

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Well a long story.
When Diplosuchus came out I was a little bit bored from the game,so I missed a lot of events and also the Clash of Titans to unlock Ceratosaurus. So I only had about 700 Diplosuchus DNA , when Spinotasuchus came out.Then I recognized that Diplosuchus is a very strong amphibian and I was so sad that I didn’t collect enough S-DNA and also that I missed Ceratosaurus , because I love Cerazinosaurus ( I love ludia for putting Ceratosaurus in battle stage 80 unlock :smiley:) But then I played every Code 19 with Diplo DNA reward and since 2 weeks we get Sarcosuchus S-DNA in case of Kaprosuchus S-DNA, so I finally unlocked it on monday. At the moment i have 168 Sarcosuchus S-DNA :wink:

And I have other strong Amphibians: Prionosuchus lvl.40, Ostaposaurus lvl.10, Nundagosaurus lvl.30,Proteogyrinus lvl.20 , Prestosuchus & Mastodonsaurus lvl.10…

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Ha, sounds much like how I’ve been feeling since unlocking diplosuchus RIGHT before they changed the s-DNA, and then struggling to collect just the 660 to make a second one (and I already had about 400 to start)! Well at least it did really push me to both do more modded PvPs (not as bad as I thought they would be) and also learn to do the Code 19s (also not so bad once I learned to only do them on my iPad… although I still have trouble with some of them, particularly the C and N traces - don’t think I’ve ever been successful on the N in particular). I managed to get the remainder I needed a few weeks back and with the switch, I already have my third, which I immediately used to level it up, as I really need more amphis on par with my level 20 VIPs.

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It’s a good dino, and currently my overall strongest. I have six at level 16, for balancing issues. The downside are the long cooldown period, especially level 11 and up. They are excellent first choices for battles due to high health. For reference, here are my top amphibians.