Should I Delete JWTG?

Recently, I’ve been thinking about deleting the game. Should I do it? The last time I played this game was about a week or two ago. I mean, Ludia refuses to fix the glitches, and they also make the Dinosaurs EXTREMELY expensive in the Dino Market. Like seriously, $102 for a level 10 Indouminus? $34 for a level 10 legendary? Most of time, the tournaments are just for carnivores and herbivores and RARELY for amphibians and pterosaurs. And, whoever came up with the idea of Bracketed tournaments should’ve been fired. What do you think?

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This game is about patience:

i am playing on my acc since march 12. 2021 and only tournament amphibiian that i have locked is eryops + i have unlocked 3 tournament pterosaurs (thalassodromeus will be 4th)
Also DNA is resource, that can be easily getby saving it - dont worry about prices in store, you can buy free it with dna - but as I say you need to be patient + diplosuchus is easy to get it and can be good alternative if you need more amphibians if you need stronger then just save for ostapo (i have two level 40 ostapos and three level 40 diplosuchus)

idk which levels you are and what posisibilites you have, but I think there is always way to work with team builds, if you have patience

so my oponion: If youi already dont like game and dont want to really play or if you isnt happy, when play this game, so then yes uinstall it

But if you’re just upset that you can’t buy everything with the store, give it a try. Gather your patience and just keep playing. This game is unique in that, as one of the few games, it rewards players for patience and time spent. You don’t have to spend large sums of money, and you can patiently build strong teams. I am sure that many experienced players will be happy to advise you here.

If I can say my oponion buying cretures from store its waste of money, bec you can get them all by playing. Much more than spending a lot of money on one copy of creature, will pay off your investment in VIP membership.

final decision is up to you, this is just my oponion.


I don’t know his current stage at the game but I think the main point he is focusing on here is the overall weaknesses of the game in particular. I’ve been playing over 2 years now, made quite a progress, but ngl I’m feeling exact the same. I haven’t participated in the last couple of tourneys even if they were new releases. 'Cause I find them overly repetitive and needlessly time consuming.

But I still have some goals in the game (not having all of the creatures maxed up with full paddocks obviously) so I’ll stay tuned a bit more while.

It’s all about the goals and the overall joy that you gather from the game, in the final saying. Second part is already losing blood in my eye if it’s safe to say.


I would say if it brings you joy then keep it, if you are stressing over it or not having fun playing it then I would say delete it. But that’s just my opinion…


I think your overlooking the biggest thing, just because some packs cost ~$100 does not mean you need to buy them. That same $100 can buy a year of VIP, which is far more better than a single pack. Plus, you don’t need to buy anything in this game to play it.


I’m really asking myself if I should leave this forum!

It has become a useless creature painting book and a forum for useless questions without substance.
You do not like the game? Fine. Delete it.


Hang in for another month. The dominion update will be awesome


…Delete the forum!


I left the forum a long time ago. :smiley: