Should I develop an Indominus?

Ok, so I thought about doing this for a while. What’s been preventing me the whole time is my unwillingness to take it past fusion level. But if I know anything about Indominus Rex:

-Ever since boosts were added, it does really well
-It’s better than its two hybrids
-Great tank and chomper killer when set up right

All of this for a creature that is really not so hard to level. Only thing is, should I begin using it, it and tryko will take their turns with Rex DNA.

For reference, this is what my team looks like now. (likely replaces grypo if I build em)

So… should I do it?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’d say wait until 2.4, you never know if it might get nerfed or not.


Yeah it’s a good shout, with 2.4 about to drop I’d not want to make any big changes just yet, see what falls in the update, go from there.

I have her on my team and she makes a really good revenge killer… it doesn’t hurt that she has tons of resistances too

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Well I would advise waiting as of right now until the update drops also no thor?