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Should i ditch it?


Should i ditch my Stegoceratops (11) from my team for Sinoceratops(14) because,I can’t find any triceratops?


Give it a test run and see if it’s better for you.


It depends if you’re going to use Sinoceratops to make it’s hybrids or not (Utasinoraptor/and the chompy one). Personally I would continue to roll with Stegoceratops it’s a better dino than Monostegotops and Sinoceratops imho. But like Colin says give it a go, have a play and see what you think. You can alway reinvest in Stegoceratops at a later date when you find some Trike. :wink:


Thanks Colin and Kitalon :wink:

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Personally I do prefer Stegoceratops but you have a level difference that might not work out so well. But it can’t hurt for you to try Sino and see if she works for the time being.

Are you in an Alliance? Could always ask for some Triceratops DNA.


Also note that both are about to get a nice little buff when GREATER STUNNING IMPACT will be made only 2 turn cool-down after the next update. :wink:

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There’s one or two spots in my roster that I’m near constantly switching things in and out of. Just need to find what works best for the level / arena you’re in.

Personally, I hardly ever see the rare Trike to get dna from to buff up my stegoceratops. Not that I see much of Sinoceratops either, recent events aside. Faced a lot of stegoceratops in the arena and it can be good when the rng decides to work.

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In the long run you’ll find that sino is just a placeholder for the better hybrids. Sino lacks a slowing move which is critical to have. Stegoceratops will carry you into the higher arenas, and then monostego usually takes over after that. Over-leveled stegos will still dish out big damage at the highest arenas. So I would level sino to 15 and leave it there, while continuing to level up stegoceratops on the team.


They barely give me any triceratops DNA