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Should I do Indominus rex ? , Why is that

Should I do Indominus rex ?? , Why is that

In the words of the late, great Senator Palpatine… “Dew it!”

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Really?? shall i do

I am recommending you make another T.Rex and velociraptor level 40,than you fuse them.


i’m doing right now

More than clearly yes! Indominus Rex might have slightly lower stats than T Rex 40 at level 10, but it helps control the ferocity and a way shorter cooldown.

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it you make indominus rex you can have a channce to make the Indoraptor

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If you do make it…I’d keep it somewhere between level 4 and 6. You can probably make your game even more manageable by keeping it at level 4ish. Bring that ferocity closer to the Baryonx(2592)

Personally, I wait until I have multiple instances of both dinosaurs at Level 40 before fusing. Still didn’t make my Yudon because I’m waiting for my second Troodon to get to Level 40. Not really a strategy though…it’s personal preference I guess.


At level 10,Indominus Rex has lower ferocity than t Rex 40

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true, I just got one this morning