Should I do it or not..?

I have a level 40 Zhang, and I can fuse her into Tropeogetereus. Should I do it?


It is all up to you. Personally I wouldn’t until you get a second max as a lv 10 Tropeo is weaker than a level 40 Zhenjiang.


At your current level, I d recommend it. You have to keep your lineup balance. It helps you a lot at this point but dont waste DNA on it, just level 20-30 should be enough (depends on your lineup ferocity).

i try not to get hybrids until i can afford to buy a 2nd one. but its up to u

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This right here. Lvl 10 hybrids are usually weaker than their strongest ingredient at lvl 40, so there won’t be much difference, it’s better to save up for a second copy so you can get a lvl 11-20 and see the actual change in your lineup.