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Should I Do This Trade?

@Nestea @anon43877113 @Dino_Rex what do you think? Should I make the trade?

No, you can get that for DNA. Or coins for Jurassic later (since you are VIP.


Well I would not suggest you to do that trade coz your DNA - loyalty points ratio is low . so I would recommend waiting for the discount in market and buying it for 7500 DNA or something like that. With the saved loyalty points, purchase a VIP creature !!!

Agree… don’t use LPs for things you can get for DNA even if you haven’t unlocked them yet. The only time I’ve done it is to acquire a hybrid I really wanted and hadn’t been able to unlock in almost a year, but fully knowing that I was paying way more for it than it was really worth.


@Nestea @Dino_Rex I haven’t unlocked it yet…

Oh okay! Thanks!

Actually I got VIP for a month to somehow squeeze in for the Megalosaurus.

Oooo . So that’s the case . Haven’t you unlocked monolauphosaur? Its has been there in the earth shattering event . max tapejara and monolauphosaur to get tapejalosaur. Its a very good hybrid . And a very cheap one as compared to its stats

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I thought even non VIP Players can trade coins for rare hybrids.

I think so, if they’re offered on the “random refresh” side of Trade Harbor.

I think no coins for Jurassic in custom trade.

Yaa I have the Monolopho, but since I already have -

Two level 30 T-Rexes
A level 40 Velociraptor
Almost 24K DNA
3.6K Velociraptor S-Dna

I thought it was better to look at the big picture… It will take time, but very soon it’ll happen… I realised that once the Indominus is at level 40 for me, Indoraptor will be comparitively easy…

The big picture seems awesome. Go for it .

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Not sure how many old threads on the forum you’ve read… if your “big picture” means you’re planning on making an Indoraptor pretty soon when you haven’t even made a rare hybrid like this one yet, I’d strongly suggest re-thinking that. Yes, it’s easy enough to add one… but that doesn’t mean you should. I personally took a little over a year of constant, daily play before I felt my game had progressed to where adding something that powerful wasn’t going to make events impossibly hard. You need to have built up a strong lineup of creatures like level 30 VIPs, tournament hybrids like Metriaphodons and Gorgosuchuses, etc. or adding an Indoraptor will make your game VERY unpleasant. Here’s the thread I started on helping to plan for adding one and progressing my game over a number of months before I recently did add them. It was well worth waiting to do so. It should be helpful to you and other new players in terms of what you need to have in order to safely add Indoraptors.

I personally worked my way up through the hybrids in basically the same order that they appear in the market place, from the common ones, then rares, etc. up through the tournaments, other than where lack of an unlock might have forced me to go out of order. By the time I did create my Indoraptor… I had enough s-DNA to fill a whole paddock with them, with more leftover. Even with waiting as long as I did, I’ve still had some events that I wasn’t sure I would be able to complete due to the very noticeable bump in difficulty.

The Tapejalosaurus is definitely a good one to unlock, at lvl 40 it’s perfect for tournament work, and of course it’s needed for the s-Hybrid as well.


I read that thread,you only decided to go for Indoraptor after months ,your level 1 Indorpator crosses the ferocity of your level 10 yudon.

I wish Monolophosaurus was unlocked for me. Sadly it is not. Mine is only level 20. I have to purchase the others with bucks once I am done with maxing a bunch of common hybrids,Tapejalosaurus is my main priority to spend my bucks on after getting the common hybrids unlocked.

That’s frustrating… I was lucky when I started playing all the commons and rares were in battles stages, so players didn’t have these gaps in their unlocks that they are dealing with now.


He gaps in unlocks fetch some good DNA though . Really wish you could trade Super DNA you do not need in he trade harbor.

I can’t imagine ever wanting to trade s-DNA. Even if I think I don’t need all of what I have right now, I know better than to think that a change in the game isn’t going to make it much harder to get when I do need it. And with the upcoming additional of another Indoraptor, that time may be quite soon indeed.

The s-hybrids are the core of my tournaments runs, so I cherish every last bit of s-DNA I can get.

@Mary_Jo yep, I did mean Indoraptor, but I don’t intend on fusing it immediately after the Indominus level 40. I realised the stronger lineup strategy when I learnt the hard way having a level 10 Eolambia as your best and a level 30 Velociraptor at your second (this was a few weeks back - now I have a more balanced lineup).

I have about 3M food, I’ll wait till 10M and till it is the right time to make the Rex to level 40. At 40, I’ll wait till I have enough DNA to buy a second Indominus, so for a short while the maxed Rex will be my best. But I have to be careful since Indominus takes a week to hatch and I’ll have to go through shakey PvE for that time till I have the void filled by the missing level 40 T-Rex that I will use to make Indominus.

Well, it’s your game… but considering you are only just now working on your first maxxed T-Rex, I’m not sure why you would even be talking about making a maxxed I-Rex. Was probably at least nine months between those two actions for me. There’s not a significant difference in the ferocity of a lvl 40 I-Rex and a lvl 1 Indoraptor. Both are stronger than lvl 40 VIPs.

Personally I would be cautious about using up creatures that are your sole copy at this stage of the game, particularly if they are the top of your lineup, and not just because of temporary PvE issues while hatching. We pretty regularly for instance get rarity events for super rares only, so you may need that Velociraptor to complete those, depending on how many other SR creatures you have. This game really rewards players that are patient and fill out their benches vs. those that rush too quickly to get bigger and badder dinos.