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Should i do this?

So i was going to get my diplotator max by this weeks discount (on Wednesday) and that way i can get 3 diplosuchus (already had it planned last week) . However i needed some advice on another topic. I am thinking about probably buying a spinoraptor and 2 stegoceratops on the discount this is my current lineup:

I only need 1 more spinoraptor to make another level 20 spinoraptor and 2 stegoceratops to make a level 20 stegoceratops. The thing is should i go for it? Cuz i am pretty sure i will buy those guys duplicate later but if i buy them now i can use them for sometime and also put some deepening in my bench. So what should i do? Should i buy them just this week or save them for later.
This is currently the amount of dna i have.

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I would recommend buying them instead of stocking up DNA. You are still relatively early in the game and any dinosaurs you currently own will last you forever.


Alright thnx @CodexOfTime


@CodexOfTime lso how would you recommend to increase my coin production?


I suggest a general use of high value boosting decorations such as John Hammonds and Park Oases since you don’t have extremely valuable cages as of now.


For me, I have a row of John Hammonds between each strip of cages I have


The max amount of hammonds i can but now is 14 looks like i will have to go with park oasis


You don’t have to get all of them at one go

Which type of cages should i try to get?

Yeah i know

Well, in the forums, I see people loving Maxed Paddocks for Common and Rare Hybrids, the latter mostly achieved by custom trading coins for Jurassics

I too have a maxed Alangasaurus paddock that generates around 1.5 million coins per half hour

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I do know about the alanga and labyrinth paddock strategy. But i am not willing to spend that much dna on those guys. What should i do😫

Do you think it would be worth to spend that much dna for increasing coin production?

It will be a great stepping stone in coin production in my opinion

It would eat up all my dna though

Each Alangasaurus costs 1,290 DNA, multiplied by 79 and it costs 101,910 DNA in total. Note that this coin production will go on for the rest of your gameplay

This was achieved by surrounding in 2 rows of Park Oases and 1 row of John Hammonds behind

True that the coin productions gonna help all way

Well, I see things in a very long term as I know I won’t quit anytime soon