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Should I do this

Get a ophiacommius or not and should I get 2 lvl 20 spinoraptors and a lvl 30 tropeogopterus and a lvl 40 lvl diplotator as well as 2 lvl 20 stegoceratops.


well the DNA is yours … people will come saying that it is expensive…

Spinoraptor,tropeo, diplotator
depends on your line up ferocity…


None of those are “end game” dinos. Some make super hybrids.

So, do what is right for you right now and will help you the most.

Spino diplo and stego all make superhybrids, you will be able to carry these creatures through the game with you at a ferocity stand point.

While ophia and trope are very helpful at level 40 in dominator battles, that’s where it stops (unless theres future hybrids coming for those two)

But it’s your game so it’s up to you, personally I like trope recieved a lot of copies in TH for coin too so didnt spend much dna on him, plus he was the first hybrid I got on my early game before he was nerfed so had to get him still.

also guys sorry for got to mention but i am lvl 52

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The ophiacommius is on the weaker side of rare hybrids, so id say no unless you want to achieve every dino in the game, which is my goal as a late game player.

Spinoraptors are useful because they have the super hybrid, spinotasuchus. As far as power goes, this can take you into late game. Its a bit more powerful than the tournament dinos.

Tropegopterus Is far weaker than the Spinoraptor so Id recommend the tapejalosaurus because its more powerful if you can fuse one.

Same goes for diplotator, but like the Spinoraptor it has a super hybrid. Not much reason to get one other than that fact.

The stegoceritops also has a super hybrid, with it being a balanced dino. This dino I would recommend vs the ophiacommius.