Should I drop Indor and do indome and work toward earldom or should I continue indoor and drop indom of my team

pls I need answers. ppl tell me to drop my indoor and do erlidom or continue indomitable, but indoor is actually pretty good so pls I need answers

Indoraptor is bad, so is erlindom, and indo isn’t better, would go for erlindom

I would not work on either but out of the 3 I would say indom is better than indorap when boosted.

Issues with indorap and erlidom are the move sets when compared to the newer dinos.
Like erlidom in my opinion needs a complete rework whilst indorap just needs a couple of things changing.

Indom > Indorap > Erlidom

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Indom should have piercing rampage and more resistances otherwise it’s actually not bad