Should I drop Morty (27, boosted) for Scorp (ub)?

I’m not sure if I’m just feeling frustrated or if I have a legitimate concern, but I’m on a major trophy fall (300+).

The main reason? I am just constantly getting Mortem Rex selected (no, really - not once was Mortem NOT in the lineup today), and in every match, it’s the same - he gets one single hit in, and is then swapped in to, resulting in a KO. He doesn’t even manage to crit most of the time, and rarely even manages to get half off those 9k hp resilients. Absolutely useless, tbh.

Scorpius is unboosted, but I reckon I should have enough for at least lv25.

Is it worth it? I’m usually high Gyro, but thanks to Mortem Rex, I’m close to the Library again.

Yes use srg3 becuase mortem isn’t for pvp anymore.

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Yes, do it

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Morty works well with high speed, but then it cannot go above 124 if you use it as a raid dino. With a speed of 124 and below, Morty works poorly in Arena.

Yes, SR3. It works well starting lv21

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SR3 is wonderful - I have a lvl 25, basically unboosted (just one speed boost to give an edge over another), and it holds it’s own.

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Thanks all - I took the plunge and although it’s still early days, I feel like my team is performing better already.