Should I Drop?


Im in need of Pyroraptor DNA for it’s hybrid. My question is, Should I drop from the Marshes into the Badlands for Pyroraptor DNA? Is there an easier way of getting Pyroraptor DNA other than Badlands? Thanks in advance :smile:

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You may drop - easier to farm for incubs.

However, it may not guarantee Pyro’s DNAs. I guess it is by luck - you may get its DNAs in Arena 10 incubs, or Arena 9.

In essence, the strategy to drop arenas to farm for specific dinos DNAs may not be the best solution. But it is surely is an easier way to farm for incubs, collect daily battle incubs, grab battle arenas coins and fulfill some of the daily missions.


I don’t think it’s that worth it if you can reach aviary, here are my reasons:

In badlands, you have 4 arena exclusive rares to draw from. In aviary you have 5, so you only increase you chances of getting irritator from about 20% to 25%, but the incubator in aviary have far more amount of rare DNA in them, so I guess your total won’t be affected too much, but if you just reach sorna marshes, you can go down to lockdown since the amount of incubator rare DNA aren’t that much different and bary gen 2 only adds to the pool after sorna marshes, so hunting in lockdown and badlands are the same.

Hope this help!

I’m nowhere near the Aviary right now, the highest I’ve gotten to is 3.150k but even now I’m struggling to get to 3.1k trophys. Hunting in Lockdown is totally possible for me.

By any chance do you know what zone Pyroraptor spawns in or it’s nesting area? Hunting in its zone might be better. Thanks again for the help :smile:

Find a fire station(its nest) in zone 2(its zone) , During the day, dawn or dusk! I think people have trouble finding it as it used to spawn at night

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