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Should I edit my team

Should I change anything on my team?

Try to get allosino

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yep, there are some things u could do better. Try and get Indoraptor (it’s basically a good unique for beginners) Work towards endgame dinos like Tryk, Gem, Magna etc.

Remove rajakylo cause its attack is trash

Don’t upgrade sino, pyro higher than level 15

Get T rex to level 20 as soon as u can

Indominus will carry u further, keep it for a while

That’s pretty much it for your level. Just keep grinding and work on good dinos. Also don’t overboost creatures cause they could get nerfed and u might end regretting it

Try (for the moment) getting spinoynx because it’s really good tank killed and allosino (because in the arena it’s better then thordor)

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try getting raptor for draco g2, level up your utasinoraptor and go for utarinex

I meant take out raptor for draco g2