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Should i evolue my Indoraptor?

Hey, i was wondering should i evolue my Ripper? Or wait untill i get 6 Indoraptors first and then evolue them all? And how much time take every 10+ level to use him in battle again?

What is the rest of your line up of your Jurassic species?
I made the mistake of evolving 2 of my indoraptors to one level 20 and my PvE is just starting to be come more playable now that I have added 3 more level 10’s and everything else in the screen shots below

I can’t remember but I think the cool down on the level 20 is almost 2 days. I use him sparingly because of the longer cool down so I don’t remember off the top of my head the exact cool down.


Oh well here is my top creatures i really dont mind for PVP i just needed to know if i evolue him the event battles gets harder or easier

Hi @Sionsith do you know the cool down period of all the level 10 superhybrid? I dont have one and would like to compare what’s the cool down period compared to the VIP creatures which has low cool down period after battle which I use during tournament.

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PVE. is based off of the strength of your best creatures, probably your top 3. The stronger your lineup, the stronger your opponents. Your. Indoraptor will be able to compete, but nothing else will. Additionally, her cooldown will be too long to work many single day PVE battles which may take you out of the running for Clash of Titans


I’d say no.

@Andy_wan_kenobi put it best, it would raise the level of your opponents and PVE would be hard if not impossible to complete. Not to mention the 2 day CD that @Sionsith pointed out. (Also sion whats the CD for a level 10 indoraptor?)

Just keep them both at level 10.

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Indoraptor 20 cool down is 1 day 9 hours.
Indo 10 is one full day.
The monostegotops 10 is under 11 hours.
Forgot how long the 20 took but I think it’s under 17 hours. [Correction: a little over 19h]
(There’s always free speed up near the end, of course. Maybe tracking time to the free speed up would be helpful. Hmmm, who shall we send to analyse that for us? :nerd_face:)

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Already working on it :wink: It seems to be based on health, rarity, and level. Trying to gather enough data to make a correlation.


Carnage - I definitely wouldn’t evolve based on those screen shots.

General question: Do the PvE battles get harder if you get a creature better than your best creature, or with new dinosaurs hatched. Im keeping all my creatures below my 3 indoraptors to improve my line ups but having just unlocked gorgosuchus, will that increase difficulty? Im just letting some of my events just slide as there’s no point in starting them based on the first battle difficulty. I’ve nearly got my 4th indoraptor - will a 4th increase difficulty too?


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I just got a gut feel that your top dino (or dinos) on a ferocity ranking determines your level of difficulty. At least primarily so. Could actually be some combo of factors. In any case, has any one even figured out what ferocity is in this game?
If your Indos are at 10, then I believe the Gorgosuchus at 10 shouldn’t upset your current ferocity too much if at all. But then again, won’t know until you try.


Thanks Stan, I was going to evolve gorgosuchus up to 20 and keep a couple at that level and then go for 30 max currently, 40 will take it over indoraptor 10 ferocity and my line up isn’t ready for that. Id get a good spanking at PvE

Need to get some multiples of more hybrids before I risk increasing spank-risk

Nato, I got an Indo 20 already, and for the gorgo, I’m only thinking 20, maybe 30 max for now. The gorgo ranks highest in ferocity amongst amphibs right now. Got two ostapos at 30 and won’t be making a 40 out of them for quite a while, I think. If it helps, I’ve already leveled up two monostegos to 20, with two more at 10. That doesn’t seem to have upset difficulty in my game (yet). One thing strange, though: there’re no significant super rare amphibs (only relative wimps, compared to hybrids for the other classes), so the upcoming restricted tournament will be interesting. Once again, the carnos will have a field day, except this time there’ll be birdy pteros over which the reds don’t have an advantage.


Yeah gorge has big health, I’m getting PvE carnivores with massive ferocity and I have a 40 osto and a 40 Kool but they just are too slow on CD. I wanted something to match them with a shorter CD and a gorgo at 20 seemed a good option.

Ok I’ll keep them at 20 (when I finally get them that is) until Ive got a few more 1400+ on attack dinos. I really don’t want to increase the difficulty

I’ll try and duplicate my best dinos more before shooting myself in my own feet. You can’t stop me going to 20 on the gorgo though. Don’t try and stop me.

Ive got a hole in the herb’s too. I’ve got a few hybrids at 40 and monostego at 20 but am nowhere near getting a segno

I got a 40 Kool as well, slow recovery. But I also got a pair each of 40 presto and mastadon VIP amphibs that’re able to get back to action much quicker. Things are sorta working out right now, but all these can’t go any higher. I don’t think I’m ever gonna go beyond Indo 20 unless something drastically changes.

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Thanks guys for help :blush:

Ive got presto and mastodon at 30 and noticed I used them a lot in the gorgo tournament as they CD so quickly. I was watching to see which dinos I used the most due to their quicker CD and will be trying to get duplicates of those as they are better value. Whats their CD at 40, can you remember? Ostaposaurus at 40 is my longest cd creature at the moment so I only use it when I really have to. I save it for the 3rd battle in an event because if I use it in the 2nd and I only have 12 hours then I know I might need it in the 3rd and have to sell my jewellery and my house and maybe my dog to cool it down

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I’ll take note next time I use them in battle, but as I recall, the presto recovers faster than the mastadon, coz I think higher health generally takes longer to recover, though my level 30 aposto herb gets back in about 16h or so. For sure both presto and mastadon get back within 15h or thereabouts.

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Well I didn’t realize opponents were based off your top dinos, no wonder battles have been so hard. I have an indorapptor level 20, networking at 40, stegoceratops at 40, materilong at 40, t-rex at 40, a dimorphadon at 40 and a couple more I can’t recall. I’ve basically shot my own foot, haven’t i? Should I Even level anything else beyond level 10?

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Indoraptor is technically the highest ferocity dino in the game, so at this point you can only help yourself. One of my incubators is dedicated to high-ferocity creatures to try to catch the rest of my dinosaurs up to my level 40 Indominus. When that incubator opens up, I go to the market, sort by Ferocity, and set it from highest to lowest. The highest creature I can afford goes in that incubator (usually takes a week to hatch).

Ok, so not sure what you are getting at. Should I keep leveling my indorapptor or level some up to his current level of 20 first?