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Should i evolue my Indoraptor?


@HanSoloWannaBe I know you have talked about not creating the Indoraptor so you do not make your PvE worse. But I just created another Indoraptor and wanted to see what it was like not leveled up all the way and at level 1 it should actually make your PvE easier than your level 40 indominus…

I haven’t fed the indoraptor to see where it crosses over the ferocity of the indominus but will look at that tomorrow. But wanted to get the info to you and others so they could create the Indoraptor and potentially a lot of them depending on how much SDNA you have stocked up.


Huh. A level 1 Indoraptor has less ferocity than a level 40 Indominus? That’s rather convoluted. Helpful, though. Thank you. I worked so hard for that Indominus. I’ll have to think about whether I’d sooner abandon this monument to my use of my free time or get easier PvE. Thank you. Part of it might depend on the nature of the new PvE. Thanks again.


Not the only hybrid that begins weaker than it’s parent

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It makes sense becuse she is stronger
and smarter than Indoraptor