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Should i evolve Diplosuchus?

Given my previous awesome experiences when asking for advise here, i’ll do it again.
I’m toying with the idea of using 2 of my 3 Diplos to make a lvl 20 to assist in the Mammoth hunt. My previous plan (before Monostegotops ruined it) was to get a forth one, then make a lvl 20. Currently these 3 dominate my PvE with their awesome cooldown, so i’m unsure of having a more powerful one that takes longer to come back. But i’d still have one at 10, and i have a maxed Microposaurus on the go, plus the 20 diplo would make the tournament battles easier. Would that be worth it?

I would say that the quick cooldown outweighs the advantages of having a lvl 20. I don’t think that one single Diplosuchus gives you an essential boost in a tournament. This is only my personal, not verified opinion.

I see what you mean. I’m doing pretty fine as it is, but i kinda want a stronger amphibian to take care of megacarnivores like the Cerazinos and Pachygalos that keep bullying me as Sarcosuchus isn’t always enough and i have to spend many points to kill them.

Maybe you can wait for another Diplosuchus, evolve a lvl 20 and still have two lvl 10. It may take a while but patience is an essential part of this game.

But then i’ll have no Mammoth. :joy:
I’ll give it some time before deciding. Like a final effort if everything else fails. There’s a lot of tournament left after all.

Just lost another matchup due to the bloody tournament hybrid carnis. They should all be burnt at a stake :rofl:

Play the long game. Don’t give in to short term fixes that jeopardize you’re overall gameplay

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Will the 20 Diplo ruin my PvE?

It depends on your definition of ruined. If facing 9-12 level 20 diplosuchus and rajestega’s is not considered ruined for you in a day then you should be good.

As far as I understand the algorithm it calculates the average ferocity of your 3 strongest creatures AFS(3) (look for posts from Sionsith for an explanation, in short ferocity = health + 3.2 × attack).
The algorithm then roughly assumes that you always send your 3 strongest dinos into battle and assembles the opponents accordingly. If you want to succeed in a battle with 3 fights you must at least possess 9 dinos that are not much weaker as your strongest 3.
AFS(3) - AFS(9) the lower the better.
If you evolve Diplosuchus to level 20, you will get a new number 1, your AFS(3) is going to increase, but you will lose number 3 and 4, meaning your AFS(9) is likely to decrease, depends on your old number 10 and 11.
So, yes I think that it may have a negative effect on your PvE.
And now the main thing: All of this is wild speculation.

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