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Should I evolve my dracorex gen 2?


I’ve got enough DNA to get him from his level 20 to level 23. Should I do it?
I am afraid that the new update is coming next week after this”season”, and it will be a waste of coins cuz it gets nerfed.
What do y’all think?


I think you should level it to 30.

It would be fun to crush one at this level


dracoceratops is its upgrade



Yep it got Nerfed HARD


eh… only by like 30 base damage


Oh ok. It’s the two turn lockdown that nerfed it. I didn’t actually see how much damage reduction was done, only that it was reduced. Anyway the lockdown means I’ll never use it again (not that I battled with it, only strike towers but now there will always be a better option). RIP DG2


Oh I forgot about that lol, but yea, this nerfs it…
Can still be useful to take that last surprise shot tho


You’d be better off spending the DNA on Dracoceratops. More versatile, especially considering it’s cleansing -> acute stun -> IaR combo it’ll have now.


I can see a situation where it wouldn’t be better to swap in a tank instead though


If it’s as good as people say it will get nerfed next patch anyway.


You should burn it.


Saved mine for Dracoceratops.
Waiting for official stats after update.


No. Just no.