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Should I fuse alangasaurus #5?

I got an alangasaurus at 30. I can fuse another one. Should I though?

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If you’re low level he’s great. I’m level 99 and I still use him for the easier PVE battles. He’s a great coin producer too if you have the time to check the game often.


I mean, as long as it doesn’t unbalance your lineup, do it.


My choice is to keep the common 40s as they are or get 1 fusion. I will lose coins. And then I will have to buy 3 more for it to make any sense.

Oh, I misunderstood your question. No, I would not fuse more commons to make another one when you’re still early game (unless you have paddocks full of level 40s). I thought you just meant level up an Alangasaurus you already had. I would buy more of him when you get a chance. Like I said, he’s a great coin producer and so is Labyrinthosaurus.
I have both of their paddocks maxed and in coin traps that let them produce almost 5 million coins every 30 minutes.

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We can better offer advise if you post screen shot of the top of your line up.



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Step 1. Bring up Herbivores and Pterosaurs to match the other two classes.

Step 2. Start bringing EVERY class up to the VIP level 10 level. Use this chart to gage what levels are equivalent

Step 3. Deepen the lineup

Step 4. Repeat these steps as you move toward a level 20 VIP equivalent lineup and eventually beyond


Let’s talk about 1.

  1. Hatch Pterosaurs and Herbivores
  2. Level them up until they are on a similar level to the Carnivores and Amphibians
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I see you have a Therizino, you should level it up to 10 and, if possible, 20, so you can have a herbivore the same level as your T-Rex.
Also, at that point you probably have unlocked herbivore and pterosaur Super Rares. Level some of them at 20 or 30 at least (Ankylo and Quetzal are pretty good).

I recommend that you create Labyrinthosaurus, it is a strong hybrid herbivore and is easy to do!

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