Should I fuse my diplotators?

Just a quick noob question here, I’m not very experienced at line-ups, would it be better to get one lvl 40 diplotator or should I leave them to have 2 at level 30?

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I’d just keep them as is for now if that is the top of your lineup. You won’t really be doing yourself any favors IMO.

Well unless for some reason you have a crazy amount of sarcosuchus Sdna and can make a small army of lvl 1 Diplosuchus? Then maybe. Can’t remember lvl 1 diplosuchus stats but they can’t be too high… .right?


No diplosuchus for me yet, I’m about halfway there with the sarcosuchus sdna, and yes this is the top

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Definitely hold off, more useful for you as 2 lvl 30s than 1 lvl 40.

For example, on my daughters game she has a fairly deep lineup that is a good bit higher in ferocity than yours and we still have her Nundagosaurus 2 at lvl 30. Use them all the time for PvE amphib meat shields. Fusing them to 1 lvl 40 isn’t gonna help much at this point so we just keep them there.


Leave them at 30. Better to have two of them and the cooldown is shorter at 30 vs 40. With them near the top of your lineup already, no sense fusing.


Yeah, the cooldown is already long, I’ll just keep them like that, thank you both for help


Are those diplotators from modded pvp?

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I have diplotator unlocked, i’m not that lucky to win so many diplotators

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Hello I’ve been playing Jwtg since March. And I was wondering how to get dna easier. Because I just got a tapejalosaurus and it costs like 8k dna so if anyone can help, thanks a lot :heart::heart::heart:

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Play much Tournament as high as you can. In dominator you can get 1000. Also play boss. For the quests you get dna

do all daily mission and sell extra dino from your market

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No never. I have a level 30 and it is inserted very well in a lvl 10 VIPs bench. It unbalances a lot. It is higher-fericious than indom at 10!

I agree with you Therizino2.0

Dont do it it unbalances you completely