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Should I fuse the Limnocelius-Colobrynchus hybrid?

I currently have a lvl 30 Limno and a lvl 20 Colo. Just wondering.

My advice is to wait until you have at least 2 level 40s of each. It will help keep you out of trouble in the longterm

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I agree with @Andy_wan_kenobi you will start to get a lot of commons especially if you play consistently. So don’t waste your DNA on the little things. This game is all about time management.


I’m going to throw out a general no, at least for a while.

Reason being, common hybrids have two birds, and it’s the weaker of the two. The common hybrid herbivore is very strong, and the common hybrid carnivore alangasaurus is pretty good and lacks a common level amphibian that is much of a threat.

If you are newer to the game, it may make look like a good option, but I’d still suggest the other hybrid pterosaur with better stats.

Thanks, @Potato

Hey,@sionsith can you weigh in?

Just for reference of the stats:

You can tell which ones I put priority on. I also went pretty far in the game before even starting to work on hybrids. The biggest event these are useful in are the single class events (only common, rare, super rare) for me. Eventually I’ll have level 40’s of everything.

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Thanks again,@potato.

The advice that has been given up above is all good and valid. It really depends on how you want to approach the various levels and how quickly you want to progress. I don’t remember which ones I did first but i went the route of when I could make a hybrid I did. I personally did not wait until I had another level 40 before creating the hybrid. But it depends on what is getting used up and what kind of hybrid you are getting. If you are fusing a flyer and amphibian and getting a flyer does the lack of that amphibian create a hole that you can’t solve for quickly.

Eventually in time you will have plenty to choose from:

Thanks @Sionsith!

Before I fused any hybrid, I would always wait until I had enough DNA to buy another one and get it to Level 20, which typically made it a little better than the better of the two Level 40 fused dinos.

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Thanks for the input @DeathEngineer!