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Should I get indoraptor gen 2?

Yes it’s very annoying in battle ESPECIALLY with boosts, but it’s a good dinosaur.

Now, in ludias new update they say they’re going to nerf a few creatures. And it may be one but there are also others that are too, I dunno maybe by chance but since blue is in the weekend this week I thought I’d try and go for em. What do you think?

i have both indoraptors and you should def go for him he’s pretty good and is really difficult to kill because he distracts and dodges

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i have a lv 23 unboosted. she holds her own even against other boosted cretures. it is a good dino to have on your team. but be warned, due to how unbalanced Cautious strike is, she may be altered.


Yeah wow. I heard somewhere that proceratimimus was going to get nerfed instead of indo gen 2. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I still dunno. Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah that’s what makes her so pesky.

It’s very strong. Focus mostly on damage and hp, but don’t leave out speed. It’s really good against chompers, yet I would not throw it out right away. It’s really good once maxima goes down as then it can really put some work in

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idk how many indo g2 starters i’ve taken out with max or constrictor. It’s definitely better as a revenge killer as it sets itself up nicely.

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The only problem where I’m at is magna. I like to set up when I know mags is gone

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Logically yes I think it works on basically every team but morally it’s the wrong decision. Morals or money? Choose whatever you wwnt


I’d go for it. Bulky for a speedster and that DSR is a pain to fight

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how does indo g2 fit into money i haven’t spent a penny on this game and I have it. i’d say it would be more like morals or power because it is one unbalanced powerhouse

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Yeah it’s annoying asf but y’know it’s pretty good but not unstoppable, unless it has max boosts and lvl 30

Yeah I’m sure their nerfing it but it’s still good don’t plan on using boosts because I want it to be fair.

same i’ve been fighting boostless but im not sure how much longer i can keep it up bc the more i advance in arenas the more overly boosted guys i see.

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If you are still building your team, indog2 is very powerful not only for arena but it can also help you knock down those tougher epic strike towers as well.

The not-so-cautious-strike puts him in a unique situation where he is “advantaged” by being either slower or faster than what he faces. He can definitely punch way above its weight class when unboosted/underleveled and just becomes a super annoying monster once he is roided up.


Yeah he’s a little OP don’t really play “pvp” battles but those epic strike events would be helpful

Yeah just get stronger dinosaurs I say

No I mean like progress in the game. Money is sort of a metaphor for progress. Like in real life people choose money over their morals

ohhhh i get it. my bad i misunderstood

It’s fine lol