Should i get Sinocerotops or Ankylosaurus?

So i have been thinking a lot about this, i am still undecided which one i should go for, i do not wanna split them as much as possible, if i were to go for an epic i want to go for just one so i can get a high level of its hybrids. Im thinking of getting anky since i never see them (mine is only lvl 12) while i do see sino every now and then, but my also wanna create that allosino, and if i go all in with sino id have a high level allosino since i have a ton of allos dna, but at the same time i want to create rajakylosaur and eventually fuse it into diorajasaur (i have enough dna for tiojangosaurus) but i don’t have enough dna for rajasaur. So which one do i go for here? is allosino great? or do i go for rajakylo?

This is the question of life right now.


I see neither of those 2 around, but sice i need both types of dna im gonna get 9 Sinoceratops and 6 Anky cuz i need a 40 fuse to make my Utahsinoraptor and more Anky to level up my Rajankylasaurus…if u dont see alot of either that would b a good way to work it

My decision is relatively easy. Once I decided on rajakylosauro instead of Ankyontrosauro I no longer look at my kentrosauro DNA that I consider “not useful” (I have it at level 15 and I have 1000 DNA left over after this weekend’s event).

Focusing on Rajakylosauro, which is at level 19, I currently have 505 DNA from Ankylosauro and only 85 from Rajasauro (I have only seen 1 last 2 weeks). Since I need 250 to evolve it to 20, it can be said that I have all the Ankylosaurus I need for this evolution and, instead, I need weeks or months to get Rajasauro’s DNA.

Therefore, I will focus on Sinoceratops. If I can take advantage of all the shots and make around 100 DNA per shot (it will not be easy) I could create one of its hybrids and evolve it to 20 safely and possibly to 21, minimum level for that creature to be useful (and I will have to decide who will substitute, the rajaKylosauro of 18 or the Tryostonix of 19). Of course I will have to decide which of the two hybrids to create and evolve and which will definitely enter the list of dinos that I will never have. I still have doubts.

By the way, I have more than 50,000 Allosauro-free DNA and more than 8,000 DNA from Utahraptor waiting, so for this part I have no problem.

Just like last time I’m going for sino only, still don’t have the hybrids :joy:

This is tough i wan’t rajanky but allosino looks a beast but won’t level either to warrent a place in the team if i go both so all in for anky

to make the decisions a little easier… what if they buff tryko and nerf utahrinex in the next update😋

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i wont have enough kentro to make tryko worth while yet, even if i can create him. so im going to focus on creating utarinex since i dont see much of sino either and it will be more usefull at level 21. im also hoping to level my dioraj one level higher.

I’m going straight ankla. I see sino in the wild way more. Ankla is like the white whale.

Is dioraj better than raj? It seems its weaker due to less sheild time, no insta and not critical impact. Its plus side is SIA 50% for 2 turns but against like stego it will die quicker than raj does but the speed buff does give it an edge.

I am torn between anky and sino. My hybrid of utah ks almost 17 but i need anky for dio if i find raj around hehe

ive only played with raja a few times so i cant give an honest review. i prefer dioraj for its sia and i have taken down stego with him before.