Should I Get Tropegopterus?

So I have a level 40 Zhejiangopterus and a level 30 Tropeognathus and I’m looking to fuse Tropegopterus. However, I have heard that it is underwhelming and it isn’t worth getting. I also have a Pterodacylus at level 10 which is better and I may get Pelicanipteryx soon. Plus Zhejiangopterus is decent without the hybrid.

So should I get Tropegopterus?

You should ask yourself if the game is only about fighting events and tournaments or if it is about collecting every available creature too. Once you answered this question for yourself you know what to do.


I would get it. My line up is also based on around lvl 20 super rare, and rare hybrids, plus a few lvl 10 VIPS. if you do decide to get it level it up to lvl 20 or 11 if your lineup can’t handle it. It also gives a decent amount of coins if you have it surrounded by decorations. It is very useful for me in battles, when I need a good flyer. That and tapejalosaurus at lvl 20. Hope this helps.

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You should be a philosopher…


To be or not to be, that is the question.


One thing to consider, in Super-Rare Only PVE, you could encounter some nasty Amphibians. Tropeogopterus is the best Pterosaur option


I have a small army of them. Partly because I unlocked Tropegopterus quite early on, when he was really useful compared to everything else I had, so I have a soft spot for him. Partly because there are certain events where a lot of middle-ranking Pterosaurs are quite useful to me. But mostly because they make a lot of coins fast.

And as @Andy_wan_kenobi says, it was a really useful thing to have in our recent Super-rare- only tournament.

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Ok so my top lineup has a level 10 Pterodacylus and Apatosaurus, Level 10 Brachiosaurus, Two level 10 T-rexes, a level 10 Shunosaurus, a level 10 Icthyostega, a level 20 Kaprosuchus and Postosuchus, and a level 20 Alangasaurus.