Should I go for it?

Would be thankful if you could help me with my decision. :slight_smile:

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The one time offers are normally very good nice bit of coin which is needed they get quite pricey as you level up further but worth doing the first couple

Yeah I‘m thinking abou the cash and coins. Would help me a lot but 21€ isn‘t less.

I think that if you are doing it just for the coins it isnt worth it. You can grind the coins in about a week or two.

But that kind of coins and cash all together Is nice. You can spend the cash maybe in a future christams event or smth

Yeah that price is nothing compared to what it does get to as you get higher if you do have the spare €’s I would because the coins and cash are definitely needed and a lot harder to get by just walking it’s a nice head start I bought the first couple and they were brilliant but as I levelled they got a bit expensive for me I would definitely buy them over the incubators if you have the cash they tend to have better content for the price👍🏻

Yeah I got 8€ and could buy a 15€ iTunes card.
If you say it‘s worth it, I‘d make an exception for it.

I would, as the price rockets as you level up, but use the cash for more coins and spend the coins wisely - I think that was the last one I bought.

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It’ll probably be gone now :joy:

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Yeah it’s up to you Obviously don’t if you haven’t got the real money spare and it’s going to bankrupt you or your going to have to sell your gran to pay for it :joy: but if like me you love the game it is the only mobile game on my phone spending a little bit if you can won’t hurt I spend on season passes and extra content on my ps4 games all the time because I love them

Yeah you have point it does tend to time out :joy:

Argh very hard decision…

They tend to be the only ones worth going for. I find 5hey give you the coins to fuse dinos to get you to the next lvl up and cash for other items which always come in handy… ive just picked up one this morning for hitting lvl 18 but at £49 a hit it’s not cheap :frowning:

Yeah ok I think I‘ll do it.
Wish me luck for some good DNA!

Was the offer still available?

For me? Yeah it‘s still there I‘ll buy it when the lesson ends

Are you sure it is still there? If I open another app when I have one time offer then it is already gone when I change back to jwa

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Yes it is. I left the app many times and had to reload but offer‘s still there.

Never again. Such useless crap I‘m very disappointed about the DNA.
At least cash.

Well I began fusing Monolometrodon. Got 9!! 10s, 2 20s and one 40.
Now I need Monolophosaurus Gen 2 DNA, at least 1200.

Very disappointing. My misfortune is just ridiculous.