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Should I go for labyrinthosaurus

So I recently unlocked labyrinthodontia And I wad wondering if I should out my diplotater project and get a labyrinthosaurus I am pretty close to getting irritated to max so should I stop work for a labyrinthosaurus or get diplotater. Who should I do first? And is labyrinthosaurus even a good dino to put my resources and time in?

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Yes laby is a nice and cheap herbivore, go for it unless you need amphibians more.

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Absolutely yes, this is a very useful hybrid!

of course you have to create it! cheap, powerful, pretty color, it’s perfect!

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I would say, why not both! If you need an amphibian go for diplotator first, if you need a herbivore go for labyrinthosaurus first.


I would work on labo first THEN do diplo.