Should I improve my team?

Should I improve my team in some way? Don’t know if I need another immune to swap with a tank or something else :thinking: I’m 35xx, Ruins

Looks like Rajakylosaurus and Allosinosaurus are your weakest team members right now. Until you’re able to level either of those creatures up a bit more, I’d recommend swapping either of those for Suchotator, or maybe even Alankylosaurus.

With Superiority Strike no longer removing bleed damage or speed reductions, you’ll want to take advantage of creatures that inflict those types of status conditions in battle. But as always, you’re free to disregard any of my suggestions and change up your team however you see fit. :slight_smile:

Best of luck!


I second swapping in suchotator, youd be surprised how many people keep using superiority strikes after being a bleed is applied. Day of the patch i took out a 21 stego and a 19 tragod back to back with a lvl 16 suchotator… he kills mono to boot.

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It’s good, I will try!

Try using monolometrodon… It’s been quite useful for me since the update

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