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Should I include Xmas chicken in my team?

Hi all

Looking for feedback if I should include the Christmas Chicken into my team. I am in Aviary now. Ranging from 4500-4700. All my dinos are boosted to around 5-6 in all areas.

My Christmas Chicken is now at level 23 unboosted. I can boost it to around 3-5-5.

If I bring it on board, any suggestion on who it should replace?

I like dinos with immunity :blush:

I brought back my indoraptor cos of that. Also looking to level up my Erlidominus to 22 before bringing it to my team.

As much as I love Suchotator for Strike Events, it’s so much less necessary due to Boosts. I’d swap it out for Procerathomimus if I were you!

What is Christmas Chicken?


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