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Should I Indom Rex

Should I create indom

That’s my team

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Giving up your top 2 carnivores to create one that is weaker than your best? You tell me.

I am recommending you to make another raptor and T.Rex before fusion. Sure is expansively and it take more time, but you dont lose your dinos.

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Yeah, you need more Dino’s before stronger ones.

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On top of the good advice given so far, keep in mind that getting a second I-Tex will require 29,000 some DNA when not discounted, and has a 7 day hatchery time, or 1,600 some dino bucks to speed up.

The I-Rex is worth it in the long run.

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With your bench,not yet,get some other stuff to a suitable level before doing so,but when you do it,yes.

Yes with that bench i would not go for it. First i would deepem it up, add more dinos getting more meat shield and glass cannons and then would proceed to make it.

Than what should I go for

  • Ophominius
  • Diplotator

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I think diplotator is good for diploauchus but I don’t really know how to get s dna

Grind Modded PVP matches,you can get Sarcosuchus DNA,also Diplotators are possible in Modded PVP,I have 3 Spinoraptors from Modded PVP,and most of my Super DNA Comes from there. It depends,if you have more herbivores and lack amphibians,diplotator,if you lack Herbivores,Ophiacomimus .

I think now I lack pterosaur


Don’t really have the two of them at high levels
Now I have 33000 dna

Did the battle stages and now wow in 11 hours I can get so much

Get them up,it is easy,they are rares,I got 8 gallimimus yesterday and instantly maxed it for Ophiacomimus.

IMO Your line-up isn’t really that great to begin with so making the I-rex isn’t going to change a whole lot. If you want to do it just to do it because you want an I-rex then do it! It’s your game, you won’t be messing up anything all that bad that can’t be “fixed” pretty easily.

A lvl 10 I-rex is only moderately weaker than a lvl 40 t-rex so losing the t-rex parent isn’t a huge deal, you are basically replacing it. The main drawl back is losing the lvl 40 raptor. At your point in the game it is probably fairly useful, I only use mine for super rare specific PvE which isn’t very often. You also have enough DNA to either get started on another and or put the DNA towards something else that might be a little more useful long run, in example something more useful for tournaments. You could also get started on another T-rex, if you really wanted.

I would probably hold off on buying another I-rex though if i were you. That amount of DNA can go a long way towards deepening your bench/line-up, much more useful than having 1 dino that is twice as good as all your others.

If i were you I would probably look into creating some rare or super rare hybrids and work on getting some of your legendaries to lvl 40

Some people might say don’t buy anything you can win for “free” but if you are non VIP and play fairly casually It can take a very long time to win 8 copies of all the legendaries, then figure if you want to have 2 at lvl 40 before you make it’s hybrid, it will take forever without buying some. I have been holding off on buying Sarcosuchus for months in hopes of winning some so i can finally make it’s hybrid and i might have won 1 or 2 over several months. Ill probably resort to buying a few to get it done, on discount days they are not overly expensive anyway and besides it is one of my favorite dino’s to use for tournaments so when i end up with a couple lvl 40’s i won’t be complaining :wink:

good luck with what you choose and enjoy


It might be worth it if you get another I rex for 29,400 DNA.

Ya that’s why now than I asked

I just got another ophocodon level 40 should I wait to get a galli first or just make it
Galli is my 5th best herbivore

i waited until i had a load of level 40 legends, other level 20 legend hybrids and level 20 vips to do it because it isnt worth getting a level 10 and level 20 is way too strong for you right now so i recommend you do the same

Okay,I have 2 level 10s,is that a mistake?