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Should I Indom Rex

“Just Do It! Do’nt let your dreams be dreams! Just Do It!”

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Get Ophiacomimus to level 20. Ophiacomimus level 10 is stronger than Gallimimus both in health as well as attack.

That’s not going to be a problem I now have 35000 dna

But I need to wait as I have no food

I personally would wait for Segnosaurus. More health and attack, less DNA cost, and has a hybrid.

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I got it

And I have 3 more from 33000 DNA now only 9000

Good,that will be wonderful.

May I ask how do you unlock pyroraptor I really want carnoraptor

And if your didn’t know I actually have another account on another phone that is level 90 and have good creatures but I paused for quite some time and when I started playing it again the Android update came but I thought about it I should just restart the game so I am good with battles I know strategies on how to beat creatures

But now I am working towards tapijalasaurus

Pyroraptor is only present in events,there has never been one though. If you want it extremely bad,then you can purchase it using Dino Bucks,in the watch option in market for a Dino,The no hatch option. I purchased a Monolophosaurus like that ,and will purchase 3 more,each individual costs 1750 for rares,it is 550 for commons,3250 for super rares,and 7850 for legendaries. Rares are cheap,get those.

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OK will think about it

I also don’t have the pyroraptor unlocked, but I got enough copies via events and the two low lotteries to make a level 40 and the hybrid.


I’m in a similar situation Indominus-wise. Here’s my question…

Some time ago, I got my first Dimetrodon and Sarcosuchus. After I got those, I got a campaign mission asking me to make a Dimetrodon and a Sarcosuchus. I already had them, but now I had to pay somewhere around 7,000 DNA to make them AGAIN to progress in the campaign simply because I made those dinosaurs early. I did not have that DNA. I stopped playing for a while, and it was a very long time before I went further.

The current campaign mission I’m on requires 10 level 40 dinosaurs. My T-Rex will be my 10th. If I were to make the I-Rex, even though I know it’s certainly not the best military move in my case, will the campaign punch me in the face again by asking me to make an I-Rex (or legendary hybrid or anything of that sort) later?

I will tell you what? That mission of 10 level 40 dinos used to be 25 level 40 dinos. So the mission should right now are far easier than they used to be.

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I don’t focus so much on The missions, you will complete them in time.

I don’t know what mission you’re currently on, but there will be a mission for creating an I rex later on. Just FYI it costs 29,400 DNA and a week to hatch.