Should I just give up

Of course the season rewards start at the exact trophy milestone that I can’t seem to pass. I’ve been stuck in badlands for months because of the matchmaking deciding that it’s fair to put the lower level parts of my team (13-15) against level 20 creatures with boosts. It doesn’t help that the dinosaurs that spawn in my area are complete garbage, how many times do I have dart a useless Majungasaurus instead of getting anything good like Allosaurus, Velociraptor, or Dracorex, or basically anything with a decent hybrid. I’m sort of this seems like unnecessary ranting but I can’t stand the game and the bugs that I encounter in the arena every day trying to help my alliance get rewards while they do absolutely nothing to contribute. My enjoyment of the game has been on a decline ever since I got into Badlands (if any developers or moderators see this video please take note of the timer)

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Dude zone 1 is the best all around zone. White chicken, sinoceratops, dilophosaurus, taujangasaurus. As for the battle timer that happens. It shouldn’t but it does.

You aren’t chained to your zone 1 go find a zone 2 or 3 and hunt there when you have a day off work.


My 2nd account is in Badlands on purpose not to go up any more. I have 91 level 15-16 unboosted creatures at this point to choose from and make teams with. I felt it better to have a giant pool of creatures to make teams with than to pump boosts into 8 dino’s and level up into the rat infested arenas where there seems to be one st- “rattegy” for winning. I grew so tired of playing the same dino’s against the same dino’s, The battles were like deja vu. I quit playing PvP on my primary account.

This is one game where progression turns into digression as you loose out on being able to play all the games creatures. You either don’t have enough boosts to boost every one you want or not enough coins to level all you want.

I cling to some hope they might do something to make the higher arenas better. We’ll see when 1.9 comes.\

It’s alright I guess. I like L2 and L4 since gorgosaurus and suchus live there, respectively.